Multidisciplinary Designer

︎Packaging, Branding
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Rebrand for Snacklins, a Shark Tank backed client. Amplifying deliciously healthy taste in an exciting and crunchy approach. 

︎Editorial, Spatial Installation
︎Project Brief

The Tangle of Smell

Scent is a psychological stimulation that triggers an emotion or a memory, it transports our current state of mind to another place, time, and moment from our lifetime. The ideas explored in the book range from historic to scientific to contemporary art, giving scent a body and structure.

︎Packaging, Branding
︎Project Brief

Aktiv by Red Bull Energy

Red Bull pushes the limit to make cutting-edge solutions to elevate performance to new heights through their new product line AKTIV by Red Bull Energy. The line of nutritional supplement products are designed to boost endurance, nourish, satisfy, and sustain health. 

︎Branding, UX/UI, Installation
︎Project Brief

Soneo is an immersive experience created for venue spaces to allow users to discover and experience music in a spatial environment. The system aims to enhance a new way of experiencing performances and how the audience is engaged.

︎Branding, Installation
Project Brief
Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is an icon of Los Angeles, a national leader in public astronomy, and a beloved civic gathering place. With the rise of space exploration and innovation, the Griffith Observatory rebrand was launched to address the new age of space and technology. 

Project Brief
Museo Della Moda Milano

Museo Della Moda Milano is one of the most innovative fashion museums in Milano, showing a collection of fashion and scientific explorations. The museum is the largest cultural institution focusing on fashion innovation, pioneering on a new frontier in the fashion tech world.

︎Branding, Strategy
Project Brief
Zoe’s Food Party

The first of its kind in Los Angeles, ZoesFoodParty moves food and people who eat it to a new spaces. ZoesFoodParty is an ongoing food movement attempting to make food fun again for those of us that feel the world of foodie cuisine and culture has exhausted our capacity to simply sit back and enjoy. 

Communication Design Internship
Project Brief


Collaborated with multidisciplinary designers on various design project through research, strategy, and execution.

*Upon request

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