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︎Branding, UX/UI, Installation


The concept name, Soneo derives from the latin word sonus meaning sound and the greek prefix neo meaning new.

Soneo is an exploration of an immersive experience for the Radio City Music Hall to collaborate with featured artists. The goal was to spatially showcase their music in a visceral and nonlinear way. Using emerging technology such as projection mapping and motion sensors, Soneo is a user-friendly interactive system that will allow users to create a performance experience based on movement, speed, and rhythm. The stylistic decisions made were a nod to the historic architecture language from the early 1920’s at the Radio City Music Hall.

Mobile Application



Soneo Installation
Soneo is a creative innovation space where the music can be physically experienced through an acoustically engineered environment. Projection mapping and sensors are able to allow the viewer to explore music by physically interacting with light, sound, and space. The essence of this space is to create an opportunity to viscerally experience music in the most optimal and unmatched way. 

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Los Angeles, CA